According to professionals in the real estate market, we are experiencing what is called a buyer’s market; this means that there are less house buyers than there are houses for sale. This might be beneficial to house buyers, but not to home sellers, particularly those who have FSBO homes, or “for sale by owner”. With a bit of real estate marketing smarts and a lot of hard work, you can really bring your property out there and attract pand buyers.


1.       First of all, to get the attention of the people passing by your house, put up a big “For Sale” sign in front. If your home is in a gated neighborhood, you might miss those who are driving around looking for a home, so secure a permit from your homeowners’ association to put a sign on the subdivision’s gate about your house. Not all of the people who will see your sign will have the time to stop by and have a look at your house so make sure that your sign bears your contact numbers clearly so that they can set an appointment for a viewing on another day.

2.       Call in an advertisement to a newspaper. Many people who are searching for houses for rent or sale still do consult newspapers, so this means that it is a great way to market your house, no matter what others may say. Here’s a tip: getting your ad on the Sunday edition of the paper will increase your chances of getting inquiries.

3.       Get your house posted on websites like Buy & Sell and Give as much information about your property as you can, and be sure to have more than one image of the house.

4.       Invite buyers to an open house. When you open up your house for sale to interested parties, they get a sense of what it would feel like to live in your home, and you also get the chance to build up the hou

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