Overview of the MGM Grand
Key Features and Attractions

Accommodations: With over 5,000 rooms, the MGM Grand offers a variety of accommodations from basic rooms to luxurious suites.
Gaming and Casino: The heart of the MGM Grand is its expansive 171,500 squaremega888
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feet casino, the largest in Clark County, Nevada.
Entertainment Venues: The resort features the MGM Grand Garden Arena and a state-of-the-art convention center spanning 380,000 square feet.
Recreational Facilities: Guests can enjoy five outdoor pools, rivers, and waterfalls spread across six acres, alongside the MGM Grand Spa.
Dining and Shopping: A plethora of shops, nightclubs, food courts, and eateries are scattered throughout the resort.

Strategic Location

The MGM Grand is strategically located at the intersection of Tropicana Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard. To facilitate pedestrian movement, overhead bridges connect the MGM Grand to neighboring structures, enhancing accessibility and safety.

Historical Context

The site was originally occupied by the Marina Hotel and Casino until it was acquired by Kirk Kerkorian in 1989. This acquisition paved the way for the development of the MGM Grand, which incorporated the land previously occupied by the San Remo Hotel.
Innovations and Expansions
Transportation Links

The MGM Grand is directly connected to the Las Vegas Monorail, which facilitates easy transportation to other parts of the Strip. The initial monorail link to Bally‚Äôs was celebrated with a grand event featuring cast members from “The Wizard of Oz.”
Evolution of Themes

Originally themed around “The Wizard of Oz,” the MGM Grand underwent significant renovations in 2000 to adopt an Art Deco Hollywood theme. This shift was part of a broader strategy to appeal to adult visitors, moving away from the family-oriented themes prevalent in the 1990s.10 Basement Renovation Ideas to transform the Basement into a Fun Space

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