The signal is then sent from the uplink station to the satellites that are in stationary orbit hundreds of miles above the earths equator. From there, the signal is then sent back down to earth to be picked up by the satellite TV service providers customers and watched on their TV sets. Currently there are two satellite TV programming service providers operating in the U.S. And they are DirecTV and Dish Network. While there are many similarities in how they market their programming and its contents there are also many marked differences as well. For instance, while DirecTV is recognized as specializing in premium sports channels with over twenty-five in, its programming repertoire Dish Network is seen as the leader in premium movie programming with over thirty channels to select from.Both Dish Network and DirecTV have over 350 programming channels in their inventories and they both offer free satellite radio programming with most of their programming packages. They have both also recently upped their number of high definition programming channels and while Dish Network has thirty-eight DirecTV tops that with seventy-two.Some of the popular premium movie programming channels that you can expect to find with these two satellite TV providers include Showtime Unlimited, Starz Superpak, Cinimax, HBO and TMC just to name a few of them. Both of these two service providers also have great on demand movie features that allow you to select from hundreds of newer releases each and every month. Both of these leading satellite TV service providers are also well known for their wide ranging choices in sports programming that includes the best in professional boxing, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, tennis, motor sports, hunting, fishing, full contact and all forms of extreme sports jut to name a few of their offerings. For music audio programming they both have the best in satellite radio with Dish Network providing 60 channels of Sirius radio with their programing packages and DirecTV  giving away 67 channels of XM radio. If you are unfamiliar with this new state of the art format of radio its entirely commercial free.One new genre of TV programming that has been growing in popularity is multicultural programming and more and more Americans are subscribing to it. You can add it either by subscribing to entire programming packages or signing up for the individual channels. One great aspect of many of the multicultural programming channels is that they are also captioned in English, so they are a great source of study and information material for someone trying to learn a second language. While other service providers are content to add only a few foreign language channels in one or two languages satellite has gone the whole way and covers every corner of the planet with regards the choices that they have to select from. Russian, Chinese, Farsi, Spanish, Armenian, Tagalog, Polish, Korean, French, German, Portuguese and

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