Both DirecTV and Dish Network also offer a wide variety of foreign language programming options ranging from Chinese to several Spanish language choices that include both English and Spanish language programming in well blended programming packages that everyone in the home will enjoy. In the contest for foreign language programming, Dish Network leads the race with 19 packages to DirecTVs 13. While they both have a great choice of programming packages for you to choose from their content does vary somewhat as DirecTV relies heavily on sports programming, while Dish Network is known for being the leader in movie programming. Both of their top programming

packages max out at 250 total channels of programming and Dish Network throws in some 40 channels of free Sirius Satellite radio programming.If you hav’nt yet had a good listen to this new format of radio programming maybe it is time that you did, because for one thing it is completely commercial free. Both DirecTV and Dish Network build their programming packages off of a core group of basic programming channels that include such standards as MTV, ESPN, CNN and QVC just to name a few of them. As you progress up in their programming package choices you begin to see more programs added on such as The Outdoor Channel, ESPN News, The Golf Channel and many more favorites. Your choice in programming packages from Dish Network starts with their ultra-economical 40 channel “Dish family Pak” that can even get a household on a tight budget started watching great satellite TV programming. Up from there is their “Americas top” series that includes Americas Top 100, 200 and 250 programming packages that contain 100, 200 and 250 channels respectively. With their “Americas Everything Pak” you not only get 250 channels of great programming but you also get their entire repertoire of premium movie channels as well including HBO, Showtime Unlimmited, Cinimax and Starz Superpak just to name a few of them. DirecTV also has great choices and options in TV programming for you to select from in their “Total Choice” series of programming packages. They offer a slightly different layout of channel numbers with their choices running from 140 to 185 all the way up to their 250 channel programming package called “Total Choice Premier”.DirecTV also allows you the option of adding their high definition programming package to any one of their base level packages or you can get it included in their Choice Extra Plus package if you choose. There is a wide difference to be found in the numbers of HD channels that these two providers have to offer their viewers with DirecTV holding a total of 11 channels while Dish Network offers over 30 in some viewing areas. In balance though, DirecTV does offer some ultra-premium sports channels that no other service provider carries and these are NFL Sunday Ticket and NCAA Mega March Madness. So it all really comes down to your own persona

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